Who We Are

My name is Kristen Schooley and I am the designer behind What the Pup?! pet accessories. What the Pup?! celebrates your pet’s individuality and personality by combining hip, modern themes with tattoo inspirations. My pet accessories are lovingly handmade with attention to detail and durability. Embracing bold colors and 3D design come unique polymer clay pet tags and jewelry that stand out from the crowd!

After working for many years as a freelance graphic designer, I felt the itch to get off the computer and get my hands dirty. I have always had a strong love for animals so this fell right into place for me. Using my crazy Australian Shepherd, Dillon, as a product tester, I dove right in! He may not always be a willing dog model, but he does love to take new tag designs for a run in the park.

When coming up with new designs, the most important things for me are safety, durability and personality. Your pet is a member of your family.. so why not accessorize them like one?! Every tag is extra thick to ensure it can stand up to long term use. They are sealed with a thick varnish to remain water and scratch resistant. This also cements any little pieces of the design together, such as the sprinkles on my cupcake tag.

Once your pet is safely tagged, get out there and life it up! I want you to be excited about your pet and its own individual personality. Let them express themselves! Their puppy pals are sure to be jealous.